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We at Helti pride ourselves in promoting an atmosphere of charitable deeds and social responsibility amongst our global community.

One way of realizing this is by inviting your charitable institution and/or organisation to participate in our website.

We have dedicated a space in Helti to help showcase and spread awareness of your work in order to achieve our common goals.

If you have health related videos and articles to share please don't hesitate to upload them to our website.

We also extend our invitations to your supporters to participate in Helti, a new social health hub where we can all be a source of knowledge and inspiration for others.

Please email or contact us at or via our Facebook and Twitter pages.

You can also click here to create a free Helti blog and video channel for your group or organisation.

If you would like any assistance in setting up your account or for any other enquiries, please send an email to

We look forward to your presence and engagement in the Helti community.